Steven Greaves
Hi my name is Steven Greaves, welcome to my website. 
I have been a professional photographer since 1986 and over many years I have accumulated vast experience in the various fields of Commercial Photography. 
I studied photography at Natal Technikon and thereafter, in 1986, I found employment at The SABC, Johannesburg, South Africa. First as a News Cameraman, which was just to get my “foot in the door” so to speak as my aim was to get into the SABC photography department, which I did exactly one year later. I started out at the photography department as a junior photographer and went on to become senior photographer. I resigned in 1991 to pursue a career as a professional Freelance commercial photographer.
Later on in my life I came to realize that I also really enjoy teaching photography,  and in 2005 I launched STUDIO7 School of Photography & Design. I am passionate, not just about photography, but about teaching photography as well, about preparing and equipping students for a career in photography and graphic design, about sharing my experiences and knowledge as a Professional Photographer. I thoroughly enjoy inspiring students and imparting  my many years of experience in the exciting world of photography.
On a personal note: My style of photography has developed over time, in fact it continues to evolve. I believe that it is the result of not only my formal training combined with years of experience, but a unique way of seeing that is very often led by a deep “gut” feeling. In most of my images I intuitively try to capture a classic, timeless quality combined with a modern, contemporary approach. Some of my work has been described as having an almost “mystical” and “cinematic” quality – I suppose it’s because I try to do more than just look, I want my subject’s heartbeat to come through, I want to capture a glimpse of their essence through their eyes as they remove their masks for me. “I am thrilled when my clients and viewers of my work have their emotions touched; their souls stirred”
I want  people to see our Creator’s hand or design in a vast moody landscape or in the close up of a beautiful fragile flower. I want to do more than just have a quick look – I want to linger and see deeply, then capture the image and share its beauty, its mystique and its power with others. “Every waking moment I am thrilled to be a Photographer! This has always been my dream, my excitement and my passion”